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For Haiti

Modern civilization or mechanization is worthless without humane affection and love

Beautiful Or Not

What a beautiful morning. I wake to familiar bird songs. Every morning these cheerful birds sing their hearts out, welcoming everyone to a new day. Treelines are lit up with the rays of the rising sun. The melting dew collates at several points on tree leaves and from there drop down to meet the grasses below. Underneath the trees, grasses and shrubs jostle in the fresh morning dew and wind. Squirrels jog up and down the trees and early insects resume their choral speeches. All life is awoken to try again. Somewhere else, this beautiful sunrise or bird song makes little meaning to people like me. For me, every morning brings hope but it may not be so for people in Port-au-Prince, Kabul, Beirut, Tigray, and other troubled places.

I was away at a youth convention most of the past week, but still found free time to write. I read about the horrible earthquake in Haiti and the consequence of the hasty American withdrawal from Afghanistan. I chatted with a friend in Lebanon and wonder what humanity has become. The effects of the war situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray region are spreading like cancer all over East Africa. And the world is as cold as before.

I have intended to write this post a couple of days back. But without much detail and the camping, there was a delay. It dawns on me that modern civilization or mechanization can be worthless without our affection and love.

Pray For Haiti and All Troubled Places

The current civilization is fraught with selfishness.

Although I hate writing about suffering and pain, I can’t turn entirely away from it. It will continue to be part of society since greed and selfishness restrict man’s kind nature.

I’m sending my love and prayers to all who have been impacted by events that are beyond them. I believe that someday, all men will become their brother’s keeper. Please say a prayer for Haiti, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Ethiopia. If you can spare a dollar or two, consider donating to foundations working hard to help people in those countries. Thank you for your support.


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