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Sweet Lemons by Njabulo N.


You may agree that lemons are not as sweet as they look. Some of the species are not just sour but bitter. When life gave us lemons, we learned to make lemonade and every poet knows how to paint this well. Enjoy this piece straight from eSwatini.

Sweet Lemons

I wish I could use strong words,
Words that are not too sensitive but sensible,
To trigger your hardened emotions.
These are the sweet lemons of life,
I wish I could use my words to paint a beautiful, melancholy, happy story,
To tell you why I am what I am,
To give you why I am feeling the way I am feeling.

Every God created soul has its weakness,
It is just about how well you are equipped to be able to deal with them.
Time, money and, impatience are the enemies of our freedom,
We are dead walking slaves,
Chained down as we are still imprisoned to something.
The sky is useless without the stars,
The stars cannot be visible in the sky,
If darkness would not take its place.

Even after heavy thunderstorms,
With huge, icy, and cold hailstorms,
The sun still paves its way out to shine on the land.
Love without respect,
Is the same as the night without darkness,
Not everyone comes into your life to better yourself,
It is up to you whether you see what you want or what they show you.

These are the sweet lemons life will offer you,
Live your beautiful life before life leaves you,
You are the only light to yourself,
Don’t invite external inspirations.

These are the sweet lemons life has thrown us with,
Mistakes are made with the lack of knowledge,
Some wrong choices become the best choices ever,
They give us good lessons for life.
Pain is always peeping on,
Endured as bittersweet lessons,
These are the sweet lemons,
To give us our lifetime sweetest tears.
Pain is a lesson learned in a bitter, thorny, heartbreaking way,
The shelter of self-love saves your soul,
From being showered by the rain of pain,
From being wet as a result of pain endured over time.

Times changes as we age in time,
You have to be okay with not being okay,
You have to be strong even when you are feeling weak,
Life is like a battlefield,
What you put in,
Will eventually determine the outcome.


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