Birthday: Why 8’s?

My Special Day Again

Wasn’t it just 365 days ago when I wrote a birthday message? How time flies! Last year, I spent my birthday trying to assess my achievements. I realized I haven’t done much with myself. Fortunately, I got a job that made me rethink my purpose. Through this job and the acquaintances I made, I began to see things from a new perspective. I understand that as one human race, the world can work together to thrive, that everyone can make a difference no matter how small. But we only have to try.

Today and other August 8’s will forever remain a special day for me. I see it as my lucky day – the day a tiny ruddy boy came shrieking and kicking the air. Several years later, I would figuratively metamorphose from a pod into a caterpillar and to an adult butterfly. I would go on to fly, to write fantastic stuff about nature and my continent. Now that’s a very short his-story. 😉

Why 8’s?

My unique birthday digits got me asking why I had so many 8’s (8.24/8/8/8/*, I won’t reveal the last digit but you can guess it!). As a religious person, I believe that there’s a purpose and this set of wonderful, exotic 8’s didn’t fall from the sky. So what is it?

Over the past couple of days, I decided to research the number 8 as it constituted the main digits on my birthday. This sudden interest led me to look up Google pages, watch YouTube videos, and read blog articles. I’m surprised at the search results which were mostly from astrologers. Some videos indicated that the number 8 symbolizes abundance and infinity (okay, it’s that simple. If you turn your phone sideways then 8 will turn to my mathematical friend Infinitum ).

Some believe that the number 8 is an angel number. How can I doubt that? I would love to be an angel after all. Haha! 😇

Birthday Wish

Last year I decided not to make any personal wish. This year, I wish for a successful scholarship application to complete my graduate education abroad. I don’t know how it will happen but I pray it does by some miracle.

Furthermore, I wish myself joy and happiness. Determining to tap into the significance of my birth numbers; I pray for infinite peace and love for all mankind. Now here’s a happy birthday wish to me and all August born. Dear friends, please celebrate with me. 🎉


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