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Friends: A Loop That Never Ends

Friends are family we chose for ourselves

Today is the International Day of Friendship and I’ll like to share a little thought.

We all have friends and they may come in different forms; fellow men or pets such as a dog, cat, horse, etc. Friendship is an ancient tradition, dating back to the earliest times. Friendship is intriguing as it transcends color, race, creed, social and economic background. I could label it as another form of magic. It mostly grows from sharing mutual interests, accepting and respecting others’ values.

Friendship is like a circle – a special loop. As Disney Pocahontas puts it: it’s a loop that never ends. Indeed, this loop never ends. Many friends had become close that we feel attached and regard them as family.

Well, I’m open to new friends today and always. I also want to remind old ones how much I cherish them. This is a beautiful reminder of the power and importance of friendship – and that’s what this day is all about.


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