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Anger is one word shorter than danger


Anger is terrible. It leaves regret in its wake. Although it’s normal to get irritated by people’s actions and words, by situations, and even by trivial details, we should always be mindful of uncontrolled anger.

I got this short story from a devotional booklet. The story demonstrates the dangers associated with anger.

I would rather channel my anger towards seeking solutions to problems.

The Angry Couple

A couple fought just a few hours before bedtime. Instead of them finding a better way of settling their misunderstanding, they both went to bed very angry with each other. In the middle of the night, the wife kept tapping him; she kept calling and calling but he was very angry. He didn’t want to listen to whatever she had to say. Instead, he woke up and went to sleep in the living room. He woke up the next morning still very angry. He left for work without even saying a word to his wife. He came back from work to find the house the way he left it. Very messy and to his surprise, the wife was still sleeping but he came close enough to know that something was wrong. He saw his wife’s inhaler; he then checked and she wasn’t breathing. He tried to call 911 (emergency number) but it was too late. His wife was gone! It turned out that she had an asthmatic attack in the middle of the night. He tried using her inhaler but there was nothing in there. During her struggle, she had finished the inhaler content and later died! And that was when she had tried to call the husband for help but he was still very angry! Sad indeed! He could have saved his wife’s life but because of anger, he didn’t!

Never allow the sun to go down on your anger.


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