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Serenity Is Vitality

Serenity Is Vitality

Not everybody appreciates a loud and garrulous setting. Let’s assume that people are apples. Accordingly, we come in different hues and sizes and so do our likes and dislikes. The differences become the leverage, our various flavours and uniqueness.

I adore relaxed and silent settings, especially the beautiful countryside. It’s strange to know that whenever I make mention of my love for the country, some people deem me outlandish. Well, I always agree to disagree.

It’s much easier to tackle problems in a relaxed mindset. Subjects like mathematics and accounting are mastered in thoughtful studies. Most writers know that quietness is a valuable asset. Quietude is also good for work that employs much thinking and team management.

Maybe you’ll agree with the shepherd’s piece, that serenity is vitality. What do you think?


Sunday nights come alive for the shepherd,
The silent storehouse is his box of stories,
The modest country trees his dancers,
And the vast noiseless sky is his theatre

To him, there’s plenty of vitality,
Peace & music in the stillness


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