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Hugs & Social Distancing

What the world needs now is hugs; big, sweet hugs

Heartwarming Contact

Hugs are heartwarming. It warms up the body and soul, faster than a sizzling cup of coffee. Hugs are passionate physical contact that can tear down walls and boulders, and open up a theatre of affection, acceptance, and love. Every living thing hugs in one way or another.

Social Distancing

I’ve never witnessed any period like the covid-19 era. Social distancing mantra, viral deaths, and dwindling personal and public fortune greet the news. Every problem faced by man is now linked to the virus. Even incompetent governments who before the pandemic was on the road to leadership failure, claim that the novel virus is the root of their nation’s economic crisis.

Social distancing is alien to humankind. It has created a very hard time for so many people this period. Not just the economic meltdowns, but the missed warmth of physical interaction. Who knows, some people may have died out of the agony of loneliness. We only hear or see each other from devices. Though this was for safety, it took away the community tinge that we once enjoyed as the human race. I hope that things get normal quickly because this change is difficult.

Well, the severity of the covid-19 won’t be felt much if we continue to show love to one another. Love conquers all. The power of collective love can conquer the greatest of tribulations.

Hugs For Everyone

As we wait for normalcy, we can do something. We can spread more love and kindness, in words and deeds. Your little random acts of kindness make life more beautiful for others, especially during these trying times. While we might not get too close in some countries for a hug, we could text and call our friends and family.

Here’s me sending morning greetings and hugs to everyone. As I’m checking on you, please do likewise to others. Hang in there, buddies.


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