Africa proverbs

African Proverbs: On True Friendship

Between true friends, even water drunk together is sweet enough

Friendship is a useful component of life. True friendship goes beyond usefulness, it’s a lovely asset. Genuine friendship outperforms selfishness and many things. It doesn’t compete with its companions rather it tries to bring the best out of everyone. True friends consider themselves an extension of the other. Thus, every time and resource spent together is valuable. A true friend will love and take his friends like himself.

Likewise, only a true friend can tell his friends the truth point-blank. There’s no need to sugarcoat their words. There’s no need for drama, no need to be pretentious. That said, let’s consider and close with this proverb: there is no better mirror than a best friend.

While we get busy trying to figure out who our true friends are, let’s also consider if we are true friends to others. This positive change we dream of and talk about starts with one person. You and I.

It’s a beautiful morning to y’all! 🌅 💗


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