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Sometimes I get jealous of the free birds and butterflies. No one ever traveled like them. When the bird’s tweet they tell mighty stories of places man has never seen. There’s a particular family here, they sing all day. I keep marveling at what they are saying. One with the loudest voice repeats an incredible phrase. It’s a wonderful choral speech. Birds and butterflies have got wonderful views from their elevation – man would never see or understand things in the same way.

It’s a bright morning. The sun is a little shy. It shines a minute, then turns gloomy the next. Sometimes it seems it would rain then the glow pop up. Nothing, not even the ephemeral sunshine will take this happy glint. The clouds, illuminate the cabin and sky. The curtains limit the lights.

Here is a very short muse, written from the warm comfort of blankets. It’s cheerful hearing the birds do the cruise this time. I do hope we all have a great weekend. 💚


Dry wind
Drifting butterfly


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