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Muse: Imagination

The fireside is my favorite stage
And I’m set to be the entertainment
So listen to the fire lick the wood,
And to these words and humor

Here’s the realm, I created in the mind;
A guard musketeer belts his gun,
An impatient innkeeper ordering,
The butchers to supply some beef,
All preparing for the prince’s grand wedding
In this Fantasia – founded,
Once upon a time, in a faraway land,
Wherefrom tall castle towers, pretty doves whine
Telling of the wedding to friends, the sea lions below

If we make muse over everything
We create a handsome, imagined world
Where passion is the sole legislation,
Where humorists make kids laugh aloud
And mothers rejoice in the joy of their offsprings

If we start now by loving life
Right now, just by the fireside,
Where the fire lick the woods,
Then our imaginations may sail forth


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