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Let It Shine

If we let our light shine we are unconsciously permitting others to do the same

Light Someone’s World

How can we make our lights shine? When our deeds or words light the heart of someone.

Let’s explain this with an example: a dark room represents gloom and sadness, and so does anyone who happens to be in it. When a match is lighted the room suddenly becomes bright and wholly illuminated such that things are seen properly. So in this manner when we do things that help others we are lighting up their heart or soul. When I was a banker I remembered that I easily made friends by just smiling. The returned smiles from strangers and customers alike warmed my heart. Such little acts of kindness are extraordinary.

Let It Shine

Let your lights glow
Permit your smiles and love
To bring joy, hope and life,
To the depressed and hopeless

Count life as a blessing
It pays a lot of goodness,
If life is lived in seconds,
Don’t exhaust it unfairly


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