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If We Ever Fall In Love by Njabulo N.

Falling In Love

I think that falling in love is a risky business. There is the risk of falling, haha. One might become a shadow of himself in the process. What I mean is, if anyone ventures into the business with all his being, he might become a changed person either for good or bad. I also believe that mad people are people in love, but don’t quote me. 😄😋

Let’s read this lovely piece from my beloved brother from Eswatini. The two ending lines are so creatively put that it got me thinking. Enjoy and good night.

If We Ever Fall In Love

If we ever fall in love,
Let us avoid telling the whole world,
Let us learn to grow in love together, first
The reason being the world tends to ruin what is beautiful,
Tends to spoil the fun and what is valuable like gold.
Even if it was meant to last,
When touched by the whole universe it won’t,
There will be too many untrue opinions involved,
Let us keep it our little secret for now,
Until it matures into something big.
If we ever fall in love,
Let’s always try to keep our promises as they are,
The little lies are the most toxic ones,
I have broken too many promises like fragile glasses,
To see and know that is how relationships
Take a volte-face and disintegrate.

If we ever fall in love,
Let it flood our hearts every day,
I want to love you every day without having doubts
Or just loving you less than I did at first.
I want to get new ways of loving you every day.
If we ever fall in love,
Let’s always try by all means to sleep our problems away,
They mustn’t affect our brand new tomorrow.
The only thing we should learn to take to bed is just us,
Nothing else but our undying love.

If we ever fall in love,
Let’s learn to share our sorrows and cry together,
Tears don’t mean that we easily broken
They show fears waiting to get dissolved.
Let’s adopt laughing and dancing together,
To drive away from our fears and sorrows away.
If we ever fall in love,
Make it a point that you love me wholeheartedly,
Be afraid of failing us than losing me as a partner.


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