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Poetry: Wait or Not?

Sometimes, some things are not worth waiting for

I Waited

When I was a teen, I found myself in a situation where I had to wait for a girl I fancied to return my love. And yes I had opened up to her. So I only had to wait for her response. She asked for time to decide and man, I did wait. To cut the story short, I didn’t have a pleasant time waiting because I waited for too long.

Looking back, I admit I missed a couple of opportunities trying to wait for someone who wasn’t invested in me. Now I realize that two other girls liked me. I wasn’t just into them so didn’t give them much attention. I also lost productive time during the wait. Well, I was young and couldn’t even make logical decisions.

Sometimes people find themselves in this situation – waiting too long for unreciprocated love. Meanwhile, one person does all the work in loving another. He/she makes the calls, starts the chats and texts, and even makes all the plans. I must say that if anyone can’t reckon why he/she is kept waiting for so long, then it’s time to end it and perhaps channel the energy towards something more meaningful.

I found out that people who don’t want to be with someone will keep them waiting. Usually, excuses do the trick – which in turn gives hope that love may be returned someday. The truth is that why it’s good to be patient with those we want to date; it’s prudent to know when to stop waiting especially when the person is unresponsive or indecisive. I discerned that no matter what I feel or desire, moving on keeps my self-esteem and respect intact.

I’ve decided to muse about my past, dedicating a poem to this nonexistent feeling. Good night.

Wait or Not?

You told me to wait
I’m patient & pleased to
So I wait all day & night

Days, I yearn for every moment
Which left me with just dreams of you
Nights, I wait for passion; for truth

Now I doubt if it’s even worth it


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