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World Ocean Day

The roles Oceans play

Today is World Ocean Day! This post is a reminder of the roles oceans play. I’ll share a fantastic blog written by the National Ocean Service.

The ocean plays an important role in shaping our climate and weather patterns.

Warm ocean waters provide the energy to fuel storm systems that provide fresh water vital to all living things. Understanding and predicting precipitation is critical to farmers who decide which crops to plant, and how deep, based in part on soil moisture levels. Crop and food prices may increase when weather that is too wet or too dry adversely affects crops.

Like precipitation, extreme heat and cold also affect livestock management.

Weather prediction can be a life-saving tool. Aside from helping people prepare for catastrophic storms, prediction can help citizens and governments anticipate extreme hot and cold temperatures, which may cause death among the elderly.

Water management experts study how much rainfall to anticipate so they can manage reservoir levels and water usage, to ensure everyone has abundant water supplies.

Ways we can help our Oceans

Around Home
1. Conserve Water
Use less water so excess runoff and wastewater will not flow into the ocean.
2. Reduce Pollutants
Choose nontoxic chemicals and dispose of herbicides, pesticides, and cleaning products properly.
3. Reduce Waste
Cut down on what you throw away.

Around Town
4. Shop Wisely
Choose sustainable seafood. Buy less plastic and bring a reusable bag.
5. Reduce Vehicle Pollution
Use fuel-efficient vehicles, carpool, or ride a bike.
6. Use Less Energy
Choose energy-efficient light bulbs and don’t overset your thermostat.
On the Water
7. Fish Responsibly
Follow “catch and release” practices and keep more fish alive.
8. Practice Safe Boating
Anchor in sandy areas far from coral and seagrasses. Adhere to “no wake” zones.
9. Respect Habitat
Healthy habitat and survival go hand in hand. Treat with care.

Anytime, Anywhere
10. Volunteer
Volunteer for cleanups at the beach and in your community. You can get involved in protecting your watershed too! Share useful info that could help us conserve our oceans.

Now you know how to help our oceans can you show some kindness?

Here are some amazing pictures of the ocean.


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