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Night Poem: Nightfall

Don’t Overthink It

My favourite time is nightfall. It is time I get to assess and summarise my daily activities and productivity.

Here in rural and semi-urban Africa, it’s time for reflection and rest, even as people prepare to sleep. Sometimes the reason tales are told in the village square is to help people relax and transit to a good night rest, hence making them not overthink. It’s expected that when the day ends, everyone returns to evaluate the day’s price. Sellers and buyers count costs – profits and loss. Farmers, smiths, hunters and all who strive to make a living retreat to their inner mind to make sense of things.

This is another of my simple narrative poems. From the last verse, I realised that not giving up is very important. If you don’t have what you seek today, you will surely do the next day. So don’t overthink it.

I hope you enjoy this piece. Good night.


Night falls after the setting sun
And to homes, we all return
Counting the days stress and toil
Letting the overcast kettle boil
And preying on personal thoughts
While waiting for dinner

If the full moon came out
The whole clan allows a sit-out,
Tots, boys, girls, men, women & clowns
For those who love the buzz of nightlife in the village
Tales may be told about the tall and robust giraffe
And how she fought and ate the sickly moon half

Great expectations dwell in sincere minds,
To courage and faith, such is bonded
The struggles and pains of days past
Ride through minds like the reins of a wild horse,
Although things may not fall in place as always
Hope and resilience may be the winner another day


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