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Love Poem: Remember

Love poems weren’t my thing when I first attempted to write. In high school, my English literature teacher saw my war book manuscript, which I still have today (goodness, I have a way with books), and thought I could better write about love. I wasn’t into love, you know – an introvert, nervous in crowds, and so on, but I knew she saw some talent amidst my young chaotic mind and writing.

I think love is a beautiful thing. I say this because I’ve witnessed it, well, sort of. I didn’t know what it was then. Now I realise that true love is about caring and sharing. So as young as I was then, I’ve had several people love me, and I did the same too.

Love comes into our lives to give it light. I always say that love is magic. We do know that magic enchants and transforms even the loneliest, hardened, and unbelieving. Don’t ponder much on why I write so much about love. It’s my way of resting from a day’s work. Sometimes a part of me thinks that it is a way of preparing to meet the one. Who? The one who may play the strings of my heart. Haha, enjoy this playful muse below.


I’ll love you when tree leaves fall
In Winter’s cold and Summer’s heat
I’ll love you when the days are gone
When times are black or white

When nightfall slowly
We’ll have each other,
We’ll sit by the fireside
To watch burning wood sigh

If you tell me a tale
I shall tell you more
I shall fiddle with your hair
To make you fall asleep in my arms

So what do you see in my eyes
When you stare into them?
In this love voyage of ours
I see myself through your eyes

Remember this;

I care about your happiness
… each time you smile
It makes my heart rejoice

Look at my face now am young,
Remember my grey-coloured eyes,
Remember also the moments we shared,
The stories we travelled through by the fireside

So enjoy this playful muse of mine
It is about you – my joyous theme,
What more can I ask God for,
But for you, my good friend & lover?


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