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The Virus called Racism

Indeed no one deserves to be discriminated against based on race, ideologies, beliefs, and personality. Unfortunately, mankind and his civilization had conquered or are in the process of conquering all kinds of viruses except the greatest of them – racism.

If love traveled to another land
Then I saw it fly on the wings of birds
Forthwith away, to days spent in loneliness
And the tragic virus – the chief cause

Sunrise brings news again
Of strife, man-made suffering,
Of how times turn strange
And also the virtues of man

Denial, revenge, bloodlust;
Generations of ethnic prejudice,
Render more divide over society
Than any plague ever known to man


I saw a heartbreaking video last night of racism against Asians and Africans in the West and the Middle East countries. I spent half of the night imagining how it felt to not be accepted by people who are humans just like oneself. I put myself in the shoes of those sad, humiliated, and tearful people, those who were punched or slapped across the face, those who endured pain, for being human, and those who died in the mob fighting. My mind raced back to personal experiences and I admitted that man’s attitude to his neighbor, environment, and everything in between is the biggest threat to our existence.

We may have witnessed racism in one form or another. Again, the magnitude may differ as well, but fact remains that racism is racism and if unchecked may lead to something horrible as Auschwitz camps.

All we need is love, peace, understanding, and tolerance.


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