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Lullaby: Breezy Evening

Good evening. Howdy? I love it when it’s evening. Why? Cos that’s when I find time to dream and reflect under the watchful eyes of Mother Nature.

One way Providence rewards hard work is through good food and mild evening breezes. Indeed, I have had both and still enjoying one. So I’m going to give up every other thing and muse on this fresh life-giving breeze. And maybe, if you read with me, we can share this lullaby made in West Africa. I call it a lullaby on a breezy evening! Let’s have fun. 😉

This evening is quite exceptional
No stars, no fireflies, no light
A torch and the vast darkness
And a sweet surge of sweet wind

The clouds are dark and light
And upon it the lightning flash
Now and then, sparks of white
Stray through the firmaments

Fog descends slowly, quietly
She seems to travel light today
With the constant massaging airs
They create a beautiful aura

The smell of flowers and the scent
Wake with the quiet windy evening,
Flowers are gorgeous
They remind me of pretty things

And just outside the gate
The crickets and frog choir sing
A strange tone they sing tonight
For the rhythm was not regular

So the sweet breeze is free
The evening quietness solemn,
Freedom to taste and care
And a fine new start to savour


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