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Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Secret To Success

Arnold’s success story taught that hope and resiliency is key to success.

Big Fan, Big Lessons…

I’m a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love his wit, accent, movies and general principles. As a growing kid, I recollect Arnold’s superb acting in Conan – The Barbarian; and the mysticism portrayed in the film astonished me. Then came the Terminator, which made me guess Arnold was a machine – a cyborg, an odd creation from Hollywood. Through my high school days, I assumed the machine Arnold was real and not until higher education did I learn of theatres and their antics. Some of Arnold’s movies inspired my writing and consequently contributed to my interest in fiction and fantasy. Years later, I’m still writing about magic, but on the magic called love and hope. I genuinely believe that love is the real deal.

If you can watch the video, you will take note of Arnold’s success prescription. I learned that in addition to hard work, hope, and resiliency is the key to success.

Credit: Goalcast

And hey, Arnold, if you ever see this, I’m a big fan of yours! 😄


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