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‘Not Suicidal’ Note

For me, I won’t let it end
For times, happy and sad,
Setbacks and breakthroughs,
Or the road winding uphill & down,
Teach that storms don’t last forever
Thus nothing will cheat me out of this life

I remember the smiling faces of loved ones
I remember good food, the free air,
I remember blue skies & windy rain,
I recall all that ever made me smile and live
And if I can grant them one thing in return;
It would never be to take my precious life

Contentment is not about
Possessions but gratification,
It’s happiness in little deeds of love
In faith, family, friendship, and hope

I believe that hope is life,
That days turn to nights
And nights return the favor,
I learn that nothing is permanent
That even the setting sun will rise

Now that life is a gift to cherish,
Why should I lose it for futile naught?


People who attempted suicide and survived say that they regretted their actions. It’s painful to read about the increasing suicide rates around the world. Unfortunately, many think that suicide is the best way to escape the troubles in life.

I confirm that it’s easy to conclude that there’s nothing to live for when we lose a close loved one, a job, or something precious. It’s easy to think that the world has no meaning when we get bullied or fail in life’s endeavors. Even if that is the case, we can always exercise some restraint, faith, and hope. These two later virtues can move mountains and turn around problems.

Please reach out, encourage and help people around you. Check on your neighbors and colleagues, visit your friends, and call or text someone today. Show care and interest in people. Smile, share your possessions and live a humble life of service. Let us spread love and hope.


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