Africa proverbs

Proverb: On The Informed Cripple…

Igbo: Agha adìghï eri nwa ngwōrō

English: An informed cripple can never be consumed by war

Origin: This is a southern Nigerian proverb from the Igbo ethnic group.

Usually, when there’s a state of war, cripples suffer most as they find it difficult to escape the war zone.

But when such a person is informed of impending doom, he makes haste to leave the spot. He will be long gone before the war starts.

Meaning: We say that information is power. Indeed, it is. The emphasis is not only on paying attention to instruction but acting on it. The proverb explains that an informed person can’t be destroyed by impending doom. It is also quoted that an uninformed person is deformed.

In summary, a prudent person is one who, when advised, acts on the instruction given so that his ignorance does not consume him.

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