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Poem: Remind me again

Why do I feel like a titan
When I come home to you?
Oh, motherland, I run to you again
Remind me of your love, of hope,
I feel a tingling breeze upon my bare flesh
The kind wind consoles me in many ways
Listening to music from pine trees
I shall throw my windows open and sleep like the hills

It’s a night of storms
Down this fertile vale, my home
A night of heavenly breeze
Of winds wrestling trees,
Palm and plantain leaves rustle
And our tall cane sugar crinkle
When all green things rejoice
I kindle in great confidence
I sit with my people outside
I listen to all that had happened
In my absence, now I am around
To see my home and vast timberland

A cloudy and moonless sky stay above
– reminding me of how valid all dreams are
If I pay attention to my spirit,
Follow my stars and find a path,
And never forget where it all started,
– here, my home where cane sugar wild
And dates grow, and life flourish alongside


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