Anatomy of Actions Challenge: Day 15

Today is the final day of our challenge! We will be talking about Choosing Experiences.

How can one add value to life? Lakshay shared the following tips:

1. Engage in experiences and services that add value to your life
2. Find ways to spend time with people that you care about and make you laugh
3. Spend more time connecting with nature and natural spaces
4. Opt for active recreational choices for increased health and well being (sports, games, and outdoor activities)
5. Find daily ways to relax, and take time out to reduce stress and anxiety
6. Give yourself (more) digital detox time and embrace analog experiences
7. Pursue purpose and passions, not possessions
8. Consider the impact of our recreational activities, and find ways to increase the positive effects.

In summary, let’s consider spending more time and resources on the experiences that add value to life.


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