Anatomy of Actions Challenge: Day 13

The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy curiosity – Albert Einstein

Today is the thirteenth day of challenge and we will focus on Staying Curious. A document shared by Anderson University detailed why it is important to stay curious.

Intellectual curiosity is so important! We see that most clearly in how it manifests itself in geniuses. Intellectual giant are always curious persons. For example, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman are all curious characters. Richard Feynman was especially known for his adventures which came from his curiosity.

Curiosity is not only important for those with high IQs. Successful students (and people who are successful after college) often display a good measure of intellectual curiosity.

But why is curiosity so important? Here are four reasons:

1. It makes your mind active instead of passive

Curious people always ask questions and search for answers. Their minds are always active. Since the mind is like a muscle which becomes stronger through continual exercise, the mental exercise caused by curiosity makes your mind stronger and stronger.

2. It makes your mind observant of new ideas.

When you are curious about something, your mind expects and anticipates new ideas related to the subject. When the ideas come you will recognize them. Without curiosity, the ideas may pass right in front of you and yet you miss them because your mind is not prepared to recognize them. Just think, how many great ideas may have been lost due to lack of curiosity?

3. It opens up new worlds and possibilities.

By being curious you will be able to see new worlds and possibilities that are normally not visible. They are hidden behind the surface of normal life, and it takes a curious mind to look beneath the surface and discover these new worlds and possibilities.

4. It brings excitement into your life.

The lives of curious people are far from boring. They are neither dull nor routine. There are always new things that attract the curious person’s attention, there are always new ‘toys’ to play with. Instead of being bored,
curious people have an adventurous life.


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