Anatomy of Action Challenge: Day 3

Today is the 3rd day of the Anatomy Of Action challenge, and today’s action is to grow your food.

Backyard Garden

A friend recommended that buying food locally grown from your farmer’s market or local grocer is a great way to minimize our environmental impact, but growing your food takes it to the next level.

Having a backyard garden can be helpful in many ways. We can grow vegetables and fruit trees while enjoying the life plants bring to our homes. Growing vegetables like tomato and pepper can save us a lot of grocery money. It can reduce food waste as well.

Benefits of Growing Our Food

– Improve our family’s health
– Save money on groceries
– Reduce our environmental impact.
– Get outdoor exercise.
– Enjoy better-tasting food.
– Build a sense of pride.
– Stop worrying about food safety.
– Reduce food waste.

Let’s try to grow our food to make our family and community healthy and sustainable.


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