What Is Poem?

What I Think of Poetry

We’ve discussed many issues in the past, but in today’s Poets Corner, we will be talking about poems. Poems are known by other names, namely: verse, ballad, ode, dirge, elegy, passage, lyrics, songs, hymns, stanza, epic, haiku, and more. I will say poetry is a function of mood and situation. It all boils down to the expression of personal thoughts and emotions.

For me, it’s a perfect way of letting off steam. When I write, I am delighted to play with words. It gives me peace. Poetry is expressing thoughts in a manner that provides stability and succor to the writer.

Other Poets Thoughts

As usual, I will take some time to reproduce what each poet thinks of poems. Of course, poets will always color up definitions, and poetry defined won’t be an exception. Most poets, like myself, feel it’s an expression.

I will start with April Joie Marie Cruda; it’s an art of expressing someone’s hidden feelings. It’s another way of telling what the mouth can’t utter. Jessie Love agrees with this definition, hear her: “all the words that your heart wants to say, but your lips will never speak.” Boogieman Fatts says: “call me simple if you may, but to me, a poem is a spoke a word that rhymes.” John Andrew Villan believes it’s what we feel and how we creatively define life. For Makola Lēfā, it’s expressive interaction between feelings and nature. I can relate.

B Mathepe Seerane explains thus: Poem is an expression of emotions, nature, storytelling, and message. This includes things around us, which are in the past, present, or future, things we cannot relate, but poems can with deep thoughts and beautiful descriptions. Poems are the circuit of life through our own experiences; it comes to you how you want to write. Many poems are free verse. Tsegaw Weldeyohaness says it’s a language of a soul.

For Freeabuky Jamal, it’s the truth. A breath of relief. Dennis David feels that it’s the best word in the best place. “It’s the full expression of one’s feeling and the feeling itself,” Vincent Raphael Dirain says. Safiya Shehu thinks it’s inner mind thoughts put on paper using an aesthetic expression. Isn’t that wow? Julie Foreman was more academic in her approach: a collection of either perfectly rhyming or none rhyming phrases or sentences that run on or end but always end up making you question something.

Mézõ Phürå’z Måthå opined that a poem is a piece of writing in which the words are chosen for their beauty and sound and are carefully arranged, often in short lines that rhymes. This is a beautiful definition, indeed, but poems don’t necessarily rhyme these days. Gift Clifford Ngobeni believes it’s the description of life. Itumeleng Ramohomane says it’s a blast of carefully selected words by the poet inside the host. The poem is all the questions and answers put in one. Ibrahim Ansari says it’s a way to dress up a feeling in a cloth of language. Bona Peruse quipped it is the extension of one’s soul.

Eunice Ndagi says that a poem is a feeling expressed through the choice of words. Leo Castilar Bragais believes a poem is a rhyme of words from emotions and experiences. Rachel Kaufmann says it’s the recasting of life and thought into meter and rhyme. Simon Cosmas says it’s a work of art written in a heightened language to express ideas. For Gautam Jain, it’s the license to put a line break wherever you want.

According to Sally Skeleton: “A poem to me is something that I can express my feelings when I’m sad, happy, lonely, or depressed. It sometimes gets me through the day lately. It’s just been rare.” Nyx Nanin believes they are the unsaid words of a writer that cannot be expressed verbally. Mensaje Ever says it’s the hidden mystery of the world which it takes great thinkers to bring to reality.

“There are many great things that you can say when it comes to poems or creating them. We do have a wide variety of explanations on what it is. For me, a poem is something you start to embrace your ideas and perspective in the world. And it’s also your feelings, emotions, etc., as long as you express yourself in a creative way of using words. That’s a poem for me.” Paolo Cruz explained. Maybe Madi was creative. She said a poem is a ‘Piece Of Everything Mental.’ Notice the capitalized words? For Ellie Ellie, a poem is life, and for Infant Prabhu, it’s words of your soul.

Mudasir Ul Islam says it’s just a feeling. Isn’t that an honest one-word description? Obaid Karimi, it’s dipping words into sense. Bin Bas Dawaki has this to offer, “Poem is a literary piece of writing which produces pleasure and imaginative productive of thought.” Emmalyn Monteroso says it’s little words with limitless meanings. Hmm! That’s a deep one. “Poem defines our personality and experiences.” Unspoken Words says. Prince Ynicia Pepito’s idea is that it’s a way we write our tears, either joy or grief.

Wāmë Bëē says a poem is the art of feelings. For Andrea Badiango, poetry is a way she expresses her thoughts and feelings; she could construct a poem if it’s from what she feels. Stiina Saluste says poems are words of one’s soul and heart. Phumla Mchunu says it’s a sequence. Just like numbers, it’s unending. It’s a pour out of purity, adventure, and discovering the limits of words and the feeling of letters. Though I agree with this definition, I still feel that those who write dark poetry are not doing pure justice. Don’t you think?

It is the devotion of emotion for Queen Dot Jah Ladi. It’s telling a story full of feeling expression for N’wana Mhani Khensani. Vanessa Fafali Kpenyo thinks it’s the expression of feelings in the form of writing. I do think so too.

Teendoor Mike Takaz says it’s a strategic way of expressing the inexpressible. For Wilma Erin Eros, it’s like a song. Shannon Scott says it’s an expression of one’s thoughts. Nodana Odidnac says it’s a compilation of thoughts and ideas, and that is art. Ihyisham Ahmed defined it as a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines. “A special way of expressing. If the poet considers what he or she has created is a poem, it’s a poem. Whether or not it’s a good poem is a matter for the person who considers it.” That was from philosophical Tom East.

“A poem to me is therapy; it’s a way for me to express all of my demons and say things that I can’t talk about because my mind won’t let me, in poetry I can’t explain it, but I feel free and can write down anything that I think.” Austin Mickle said. Nia Sanders believes it’s another language to speak. It’s your thoughts and emotions formulated into words. It’s freedom and clarity.

How do you define a poem?


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