Africa Isuikwuato Nigeria

My Hometown

One wakes to the call of Nature every day, with the sun ushering the day

Huhuhu-Lalala-kiki, all sort of songs welcome the sun’s golden streaks
Crickets quiz, wasps and bees buzz, snakes hiss away, the clock ticked
Familiar sounds echo, strong wind rushing through the high tree lines
Underneath the vegetation, silent waters flow, but we hear her soft current

On the hills of Ovim, where the butchers sell their quarry
Vultures and kites circle around the smoke which rose from a fire
Down the mountain, pretty girls giggle and walk toward the stream
Disturbed mambas drag through the dust to escape contact with them
Lazy millipedes fall from the treetops, the mud grabbing their oily bodies
Great winds surge through forests; shrubs twist in a native dance I knew
As the seeds of trees crack and fall into the calm and quiet waters of Kpere

Pots of wine rattle at the back of wagons, happily setting for the market
The smell of squashed fruit bless the blazing day, with smoked melon balls
Which tastes unique, the palm oil mills churn out fresh, sweet-smelling oil
And when you see the farmers yams, you will understand why they are happy

Now I have water – rainwater, plenty of it, on the farms, at home
When the rains fall, the heavy clouds turn to our village drum;
Drumming beats of fulfilment and joy and hope and profound love
On the trees, birds build many nests, singing out their hearts
The partridge call from the forests, the sounds echo,
The hawks circle the skies scouting for stray mice,
The woodpeckers work on their tree, minding their business
And yet they all combine to one event; one I behold daily

Isuikwuato is the name of my local government area. Ovim is my hometown. I consider it the most delightful place and a source of inspiration for me.

Hopefully, I will get some images of my hometown this holiday.


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