Petition: Global Ban On Illegal Wildlife Trade

The global trade of wild animals is cruel and puts our health and the world economy at risk from pandemics like COVID-19. Join in calling on African Governments to support and champion a global ban on the wildlife trade.

Tell global leaders to act now to protect wildlife, our health, and the planet before it’s too late.

We’re running out of time to protect wild animals.

G20 global leaders are meeting in November. We need them to end the international wildlife trade before it’s too late.

Every day they don’t act, thousands more wild animals are poached or farmed and sold into the global multi-billion-dollar trade – for food, for pets, traditional medicine, and entertainment. Not only is this animal cruelty, but it’s also putting us at risk from diseases like COVID-19 and destroying delicate ecosystems.

Sign the petition today to call on African Governments to commit to ending the global wildlife trade at the G20 Leaders’ Summit this November.

I join in calling on African Governments to urge the G20 to support an immediate and permanent ban on wildlife markets and end the global wildlife trade.


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