Poetry – Safari

We may do many things
Out in the sunny African noon:
Take a swim, gather fruits,
Talk to nature or sing with it,
Dance to live drum beats
And eat skewered suya meat
Anything that makes life fun
And all that makes us nature bond
We may have sun-flies on our trail
Or pluck the sunflower from its stalk
But this ride is one of a lifetime!

So sit back…
And look out for big silly cats
We may ride on tall ostrich backs
Or throw banana to sad apes
Or even feed the overgrown giraffe
From tall treetops where we can reach the neck
We may hear buffaloes and wildebeest stampede
Or elephants trumpet through the valley
Bring a flask for some local brew
Beware, these can make one swivel
Do not listen to me, enjoy a cup or two!

Wade through small rivulets
Let her cool noon tide
Caress away the stress
Listen to the loud hornbill
From the caves and rocks
Wait for the lion’s roar
Or the wild boar’s snort

Play with water-drunk crabs
Teach the snail her pathway
And grab a wild cucumber along the way
Scream away from beneath a waterfall
Scare the birds that live around
Watch the great Nile crocodiles grovel
And listen to the common waxbill tweet

Gather for a story at moon nights
Listen to the cheetah’s purr
Or to the spotted hyena’s laugh
From the distance and sunset
Watch the nocturnal bats fly away
To a land where only sunrise may reveal

Heal with mother nature,
Live in a happy journey,
One riding through wheat fields,
Passing smiling and greeting faces
Beyond farms, great hills and vales
A place waiting out there;
A perfectly magical land
Where forever yawns for a ride

Suya: Cow meat prepared with crushed onions, groundnut and hot spices.


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