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Worries on the relaxed Lockdown in Nigeria

Now that the government relaxed the sit-at-home order, I may travel home to see my loved ones and pick some supplies. My movement is within my state; I’ll go no further than that. Everyone has been worried and could only connect via phone. But I’m worried that this relaxed lockdown may allow for interstate traveling. While some parts of the country are hotspots, other factors like my state and region reported little or no virus cases. I’m concerned that more infected persons may bring the virus down here.

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I decided not to write about Covid-19’s ugly situation in Northern Nigeria, particularly in Kano. There’s a lot of drama going on. Government officials with the virus, through regular meetings and socializing, infected many followers who go on to spread the virus. Now the reported number of infected persons is on the rise. I shake my head whenever people say Covid-19 is a ‘big man disease,’ It doesn’t affect the paper on the streets. Whatever logic gave rise to such conclusions, I’m yet to decipher.

The Almajiri system practiced in the North has shown its ugly side once again. Northern governors are busy repatriating nonindigenes back to their respective states but are we not ignorantly spreading the virus? I can suggest letting people be where they are until the coasts clear out. Repatriation may not be the best thing to do now, for it can spread the virus further.

I hope that state borders are closed before this week runs out. One awful thing about Covid-19 is that it knows no rich or pauper.

Stay safe, everyone.

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