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Wilderness by Robin Bliss

Old Sol is low in the sky, drifting down
Resting in the meager filtered shade
On this hillock we can see the distant horizon
Before us stretches the limitless plane
Almost totally flat except for a Tor
Standing stark and naked ebony
Silhouetted against the brilliant firmament
Protruding towards the heavens,rocky and rugged
And the Red Gum lined dry watercourse
Snaking it’s way across the seemingly endless flats

The gray green of the Salt bush and Mulga
Seems unending and monotonous stretching forever
High up in the sky is an Eagle
Flying effortlessly in idle circles
Its eye on the ground, looking for prey
In the trees beside the dry bed are numerous
Galahs and other bird life, making a racket
In the riverbed metres beneath the hot sand
Is life giving water, surfacing as a occasional waterhole
This wild landscape, is not without it’s beauty

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There is something wonderful about being alone
In this wilderness, except for ones companions
Here we all feel this wild, wild call of nature
No phones, no TV, towns, cars, just us here
Us and this glorious, marvelous wild place
To contemplate and to experience the oneness
To alter, change our perspective on living
This call of the wild is a basic call
Going back to our ancient ancestors
A deep quiet, longing and urging

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