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Reflection: Rainy Evening

I used to think I was a rainmaker, but there’s one heavy storm out there, and I’m scared of it—a distraction for me, though, which I love. Recently, I worried so much about nothing. I wondered if the world would ever be the same again after Covid-19. But my faith will not worry at all. So I’ll put that aside and try to mind the rainstorm ravaging my community.

I know those noisy frogs will be happy, and I hope the silly mosquitoes are washed away, far from this settlement. My neighbors are whistling pines singing a high pitch tonight, and the streets are flooded. I’m certain reptiles will roam about.

I sit near my window. I hear the storm roar and rooftops dance about. Usually, sitting outside is fun, but this evening’s rain is something else. I have had enough rain baths. Now I retire to watch the lightning battle with the wind and rain. Clouds rumble heavily, the lightning flash, and then his cousin, thunder, frightens me. It’s dark everywhere, so my curtain shows prints of their war. I’m amused.

Life is beautiful; life is sweet. I enjoy Divine Providence and what nature offers, the sweet spring water, the numerous fruits, wildlife, the annoying frog choir, and watching babies smile at me.

As I publish this, the storm rage on, a combo of heavy black skies and monstrous wind. But my day is not yet over. Dinner is potatoes and beans. That’s my second love – good food. Gratitude is the best attitude. Good night everyone.


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