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Even by Robin Bliss

Even when I walk,
In deaths dark shadow,
And the sun is hidden,
From my sight.
When pestilence is near,
And people panic afraid.

Although fires rage.
Or the darkest night,
Has come upon me.
When illness nears,
And isolation is here,
With you, my beloved,
Close by my side.
I will not be afraid.
I will not be afraid.
Although the way,
Ahead is a mystery,
And changes happen.

I will not fear anything.
As long as you are near.
Your voice comforts me.
In my time of trouble.
Your touch is calming,
And my fears abate.

You are more precious,
Then all the gold to me.
Without you I’m nothing.
As I walk through the,
Deepest valleys,
I will fear not.
For you are always with me.
For we are one.
We are one.
My beloved.

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