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I’m happy motherland!

I’m happy dear motherland, I’m happy!

I’m happy to lay my head on your shoulders
To sniff your wet hair that smells like cocoa butter!
My feet is swift to run to the wild
So I wash my feet on the stream’s slow tide
I fright mambas and laugh at mating frogs
All cold morning I watch the foraging hogs
So hills are my hideout and trees are my partners
You give me great joy and hope, dear mother!
Brown tree leaves drop silently before my gaze
When I stir I heard the wind sing from the sea wave
I stand before the sun like a tall coconut palm
And on white sands of beach, I kneel to write my psalms
You gave me a piece of yam tuber, not to eat,
But to guard and save for the time to plant it
Now the vast forest is my barn and home, I call you beauty,
I also call you mother; my sunshine and land of hope and piety
When I raise my eyes to watch the birds fly home when the sun set
I remember your love and smile at your pretty blue firmament

Now I see a beautiful land before my eyes!

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