Love and Christianity Nature

Christmas Stories 1

There’s twinkling stars across the dark night,
Tiny, shiny dots adorning the wide firmament
Then sang the Whistling pines a song, so sweet
That the Woodpecker with his beak started a beat
And all became amazed, even the Nightingale family
Now up the dark skies three bold stars shine gracefully
The shepherd was about to tell his daughters a tale
“Freda, Brenda, look” and upon his weary face a smile
“Do you know why they shone more than the others?”
“Because they are to guide the Magi to the Master?”
“Ah! Exactly!” The shepherd answered, nodding
And he went on to tell of the Galilean
That once graced and blessed this earth
It was that time of the year to celebrate His birth
The night was cold, wool blankets warm
But all slept well dreaming of Bethlehem

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