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The Animal King

Do you know why there is no king in the animal kingdom? Here is a story narrating why. I wrote this poetale a longtime ago. Have fun.

Once upon a time
In a land far away,
Across seven rivers
And seven hills
Lived a clan of animals
They knew no strife
No envy, no rivalry
Between the animal clans
For then there was no king
No ruler, no master of any sort
But animals who lived freely,
Tilled their land as they wished
And lived as they wanted…
Suddenly some stronger animals
Felt they could bully the little ones
So many animals started trespassing
On the rights of others, taking others lands
Destroying harvest of crops
And even hijacking others wives!
So Anarchy spread
Her blanket of no good
Upon the animal clan
Until the Cricket suggested
That all animals should meet
To resolve this…

During the meeting
Every animal sat quietly,
Waiting for others to talk, first
Mumblings filled the arena
Guilt of crimes wont let anyone speak
So the mosquitoes, carefree buzzed aloud
“Wait!” the Cricket yelled
“I greet you all”, he began politely
“The way to solve this problem
Is to appoint a King who will rule us
Someone who will bring justice
And fairness to all, big and small”
“Nice idea”, his relatives called after him
“Now I am the brain of the meeting
I should be allowed to nominate
My humble self as the King of the clan!”
“What?” an angry Elephant trumpeted
“You little thing, so minute, so irrelevant!
How dare you even think of that
When someone like me is here?
I should be the King undisputed!”
“You all must be joking!” the Giraffe laughed
“How can you be the King
When you are round like a football
And can barely move a leg?”
The Giraffe made fun of the Elephant
“No no no, it just doesn’t fit you
Well, take a look at my height,
I even interact with the moon
And when angry I eat her half!
I should be the King instead!”
The whole clan went dead with silence
They thought the Elephant would retaliate
So they waited for the worst to happen
But nothing happened…
“Let me be the King”, the ape called out
“None of you is capable of tree climbing
And infact I can dance up the skies
Do you know this feeling of tree dwelling?
The skies are my playground… Can’t you see?”
“Talking about playground, you don’t belong!”
The bald Eagle whined…
“I live in mountain peaks
Where none of you can reach
Or dare to reach, I am the master-
Master of the blue clouds and wind
Make me your King!” he demanded
“Talking about flying you are not alone in it”
A feeble mosquito stood to talk
“How many of you can sing in a human ear
And make him mad so that he slaps himself?”
“No way, who speaks now?” the Lion growled
“The kingship belongs to I and the pride
The pride is strong and courageous
And can defend and take care of the clan
My roars frighten our enemies
My claws are perfect killing machines!”
“No sir”, a scared animal said
“Was it not one of your pride members
That ate an innocent sheep the other day?
We can’t let you be our King”
Someone supported from the crowd
“So what do we do right now?”
Let us then nominate from those
Who showed interest in the position”
An elderly Parrot suggested
“Please everyone should pick a candidate”
To the crowds surprise
Everyone pointed to their kith
The Giraffes to the Giraffes
The Apes to their kind
The Pride to the Lions
And so on…
And when no progress was made
Everyone nominated himself for Kingship
Since everyone wants to be King
They all left fighting and arguing
And so is the animal clan to this day
In much disagreement and confusion!

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