Africa Poetry

Ruptured Emotion by Deborah Nnagbo

The cry was deep and internal.
The smile was blue and unreal.
The little jitters of unrest made marmot parade on her chocolate face.

She has a curse to carry through the streets of life.
A lump in her sore throat.
A choking smell of betrayal, swimming in and out her tiny nostrils.

Did you not hear when she coughed her plea?
Even a spiny hope could have stopped the pee.
But all three in a lonely hemisphere in the distant west,
Neither stooped to dust her worries.

Oh! Now she’s a million miles away.
Stitching the torn pieces of her ruptured emotion,
Just so she doesn’t turn a sadist.

If you think her lines beckons your guilt.
Then you’re more guilty than the devil himself.
You that was of all three most adored.
A friend in the distant land.

I’m only a messenger of her thoughts, her wish is my command.
This message I bring to you from the one who fights tirelessly day and night to fix her ruptured emotions.


©Nnagbo, Deborah Udochukwu

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