Africa culture/tradition

Weirdest Snacks in Africa

Here are some of the weirdest snacks you can find in Africa.

Palm Grubs: Yuck, I know right? Some of the grubs can grow big enough to fit in one mouthful. The grubs are found in dead and decaying palm and raffia trees. Some people eat the grubs alive but to be on a safer side I prefer salted and fried grubs. It’s oily and crunchy. So yummy! 😋

Winged Termites: Come on guys, don’t say Eew! This one is really really tasty. It’s probably the favorite living snack in Africa. When it is garnished with pepper, onion and other spices it can be addictive. The insects are flying termites seeking new places to start a colony. When the nuptial flight commence, most won’t have the chance to mate. In the trail they fall prey to many animals, ranging from birds to lizards, ants to frogs and man! 🤨

Millipedes: Okay guys. I know no one really wants anything with these creepy guys as their distant cousins are notoriously venomnous. I have never tasted any and I don’t think I want to. I learned that some species of Millipedes are boiled with yams which gives a unique taste and color to the food. No thank you, I will pass. 🙄

Crickets and Grasshoppers: Never have I tasted any of these but I do play with them. These insects live in the bush and can elude their hunter easily. So most times they are caught in the night. To prepare, it is salted and fried just like the grubs.

There are many weird and living snacks which will come later. So when you are in Africa, try to check out our weird snacks. I bet you will be glad you did! Have a good night/day. 😴

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