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Don’t Forget by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

Don’t forget how we started,
Don’t forget where we met,
The circumstances,
How it happened,
Don’t forget so soon!
I was just like a stranger,
The other day,
I was a nobody to you,
A commoner,
An ordinary soul,
Flying and searching for love,
Searching for hope,
In pursuit for happiness,
Until the encounter,
Don’t forget!
Don’t forget the little deeds,
My very own seeds,
That’s if they really count,
Oh! There is no need,
Is all weeds,
None is up for a keep,
But don’t forget,
I loved you and I still do.
My hearts bleeds,
Daily for your love,
When I remember,
How we use to live,
The outings,
The jokes,
The laughter,
The romance,
And all the quarrels.
I miss you,
I miss us, Don’t forget,
The world is shallow,
And our love is narrow,
My hearts shots with arrow,
My skin turned yellow,
My pride, I have to swallow,
As I won’t stop saying hello!
Don’t forget me!

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