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In the morning, the sun rises
Above the horizons and cliffs
And on the smiling faces on the farms
Hope rises with the sun,
As the children roll out their bicycles
To the tanned fields of the hamlet
Followed by their pets, puppies and kittens

A proud cloud draws a huge smile
And on the clay the infants draw theirs
The men in groups of duties
Hunt in the forests almost barehanded
And when off duty, drink kaikai in the village square
The women make soup, pound yams
And brew the local gin for the men
The boys march through the Woods

In hopes of a catch on hidden traps
Tucked away, somewhere I know not
Monkeys dance on their paths
Mocking them that walk on two legs only
And the boys would laugh it off

The girls with all basket sizes
Giggle as they walk towards the streams
Now and then, a small rodent shake the bush
And all will race off the spot in fear
The toddlers are not left behind
They wail all day, as the dogs sleep
Pythons silently leave the roadsides
Once disturbed from their sun tanning exercise
Rivers lay here and there, rivulets, streams

Waterfalls and happy fishes
Lakes and huge Crocodiles lay undisturbed
There are coastlines and islands
There are hot beaches with lots of trees
Nature washes her garments on the Waterfalls
And we could hear her sing
The Hyenas laugh not too far away
And the kids retrace their straying steps
All birds twitter, this is their home
Now the Egrets move with their land bride-
The cattle, and all sweet green grasses
The hot lands remain like a painted scarf

A valley of enchantment at Mambilla
The life giving Benue river
A calm and cloudy seaport in Calabar
The snaky terrains of Udi hills
The serenity of Victoria Island
Ancient Kano town and her suya
A busy street in Pitakwa
The red muds of the East
The rich African culture

A lake somewhere up the Niger
Home of the lion and elephant
And all bush dwelling fauns
The sun would never leave here
The land of the waking sun
This is my love, Nigeria
And it’s morning
The Sun has risen
So has our hope


This piece was written in 2014 and made finalist to the AwaNaija 360 poetry contest.

Line 12 kaikai, a locally brewed gin.
Line 47 suya, spicy but tasty, skewered pieces of meat meshed in dried crushed groundnut, pepper, onion and other condiments. Predominately made by peoples of the Northern Nigeria.

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