African Myths 3

Myths are believes that are not true. In Africa there are so many of them. Let’s have a look at some.

In some parts of Africa, beating children with a broom is a curse. Flogging the girl-child with a broom may delay her marriage. 🤭

Do you know that breaking palm kernels anytime from 7PM breaks the head of a loved one? Don’t laugh much, it maybe true! 😮

When an infant’s tooth falls out, throw it up the rooftop. It won’t grow back if you fail to. I remember throwing many hapless tooth up the rooftop, my teeth did grow back though. 😬

I don’t wish for anyone to try this, but if you place some banana peels on railroads, it will derail a train. BTW banana peels are slimy, don’t you think that it can cause harm to any moving object? I’ve a strange feeling about this one. 🤔

This is for those who wish to see ghosts.🤪 I don’t wish to. Wash a dog’s face with water. Then use the same water to wash your face. Who knows such person may develop other canine abilities like barking. 😑

Now to be unserious, do you know anyone that stammers? Get them to drink from a metal gong. Their stammering will stop! Caveat emptor please. 😆

It is believed that if you insert a pin or needle in an ant hole a masquerade will appear. I don’t know what the masquerade will do to the summoner but please note that some ants don’t like to be disturbed and their sting can last for days. I’m a witness. 😒

I will write more on myths some other time. Have fun everyone! 🙃🙂🤗 Want a blog like this one? Then click this link.

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