Celebrating Arts: Glennys Arias

As I mentioned sometime ago, I celebrate creativity, knowledge, arts and people. Today I will be taking a peek at Glennys Arias new book.

I’m privileged to be reading from the author herself! These are excerpts from The Creator’s Angel which is published in

Chapter 6

We stare at each other in complete silence, “I’m aware of your plan, it’s very good and unpredictable, just as spontaneous as you are. It’s going to take a lot from you. Are you sure you want it to end that way?”…

Chapter 7

Our eyes met, his lips went closer to mine, if he kisses me, it will lead to destroying my plans, I stop him. “Fenox we have to go” I take the IV out my hands and I get up “you’re still hurt” he sighs, “I’ll be ok, we have to go to my fathers in Repdom”…


One woman can make an impact that can change the world but it takes a group of people to make change. Love, Lust, Danger and suspense is what Ausra brings to the table. It feels like at times challenges and unhappiness follows Ausra’s life path, fights, actions, confusion and Fenox. Ausra loves Fenox more than anything in the world. Will Ausra get the love she desires or will she find a hidden surprise? Read along as the Creator observes.


About the Author:

My name is Glennys Arias. I am a new writer. Writing has been my passion, of course saying it is easier than accomplishing it. I had a vision of making a book for years. The more I grew I was able to assemble this book with inspirational help from Felix Lloyd Jr. My goal right now as this is my first book from a 3 series book is to grow and take my writing skills to the next level. I do welcome constructive criticism. I am very happy to share my experience with the world and I hope all my stories get enjoyed.

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