Africa Igbo culture

African Myths 2

I biala. That’s Igbo for ‘you are welcome.’ Tonight I will be updating my post on African myths. So sit tight and read some of Africa’s do’s and don’ts!

Have you heard that you shouldn’t call a 🐍 by name during night time? Well, we were told that if you do, a 🐍 will visit you. I guess this was a way to scare children from playing in the night. Should you want to talk about errr… snakes during night time, use ropes and strings as similes instead.

It is believed that when your eyes or palms are itchy, something good was on the way! Wouldn’t it be nice if itchy palms equate to good luck? Just saying.

This one really gets to me. Maybe you will even agree with me. If you hear your name and answer without seeing the caller, you just answered a ghost call! Honestly, some part of me still thinks that this is true.

There’s this constant reminder then, that if you walk over a pregnant woman’s leg, she will give birth to a child that looks like you. If you are pregnant, you shouldn’t let me walk over your leg, unless you want your child to have a big head!

Now hear this: if you swallow the †Udala seed, you will have yourself to blame for a great tree will sprout through your head! When I eat fruits, I mistakenly swallow their seeds, including this Udala. Nothing ever grew out of my head except my hair!

And here I shall draw the curtain for the day. Let’s do more next time. Good night.

Udala is a tropical fruit tree that grows in West Africa. I am not sure what it is called in English.

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