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Making most of Love 1

Singles and doubles, you can recall how it felt, loving someone especially when it was reciprocated. I always wanted to share a thought on creating happiness for loved ones. Here it goes.

Your spouse should be the first point of joy and happiness. Celebrate each day you spend with him/her. Always tell them how happy you are to have them, how you miss them (when you are not together) and how you love them. One man puts it this way, “don’t be too busy to enjoy the people God put in your life“. Food with no spice has no taste, same with Life with no Love.

So how do we make most of our time in love?

Truth is, no one can really offer a true guide. There’s no class, therapy or style that can completely teach us how to love. We’re naturally created to love. Our instincts is our first love compass. For what may work for Kim may not work for Kin and if you try braiding my hair while we chat, I may fall both in love and asleep. But I’ll share my idea.

I’ve tried this with close friends and it worked. Try wooing him/her all over in some other language (and it is not necessary that you speak the language. Google speaks many languages! Ahurum gi nanya, what? What I meant to say is I love you so much that I can’t even express myself in English!) Pay attention. Love should be dynamic, evolving with times. Many people react favorably to surprises. So try sending love notes in other languages. Who knows, it may spice up your love life.

You know Hakuna Matata, right? It means don’t worry. Relax sometimes, don’t always take life seriously. Even great things we take seriously maybe nothing on a closer look. Expel some steam and be a child. Yes play. Play with your loved ones, till you can laugh no more. BTW playing is not meant for kids alone.

Hopefully, I’ll drop some African love lines in subsequent posts.

It’s Sunday morning and I’ll be off to prepare for church. Have a lovely Sunday! See you all later.

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