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Fly High September

I really thought for awhile before coming up with this. I did this sketch in September 2016. I’m not the best, when it comes to drawing. I just stumbled on it and decided to share it.

Welcome to another rainy month, if you ever had encounters with mosquitoes then you can relate. It rained yesterday, and the day before. Well, it is a brand new day. The first episode of the ‘Ember’ months! God is good.

Now to my paper poem let us take a look. I drew a canoe man paddling calmly on blue waters and he is headed for a town called the Future. He is whistling a song perhaps; a song of hope, well this one is not an audio. The cloud is firm, bold and above him. The sun shine bright and mild upon the clouds, there is a comfort of air for this canoe man. So he is not distracted from his view. I had to put birds flying away to somewhere, a touch of ecstacy, fantasy! Birds connote grace, I mean doves. Just beneath the sun there is some fair scribblings of mine, hurriedly done. It is a new month, keep your hopes and faith high and watch yourself paddle safely through the month and the rest of this year. May God bless this new month for us all, amen.

Don’t forget to be kind and to put smiles on faces.

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