Thoughts on Happiness 2

Happiness is contagious. Happiness is like a light bulb in a dark room. It does not shine in a corner but lights the whole room. Note that happiness is not a function of material fulfilment.

Peace, joy, cheerfulness, contentment, happiness and gratitude are classed as a family. This family work as a team. If you are happy then you definitely have peace of mind. A happy person is a cheerful person, a person filled with joy and someone who doesn’t count the have-nots in his/her life. A happy person is grateful for the little things he/she has. So you can see the ‘relationship’ in the family mentioned above.

Why should you be happy? You should be happy for life, for your ability to detect colors and walk unaided. Even if you have a sort of disability, you still have life! Research says laughing (smiling, happiness) improves our health. So when you are happy, you age slowly while negative and toxic thoughts are far away from you. If you are a happy person, people around you will likely be influenced by your happiness. If you are the kind who hopes to see a positively changed world, then happiness must be part of your tools.

It is necessary that you try your best in finding ways to remain happy for the better part of each day. Think about what gives you joy always, read uplifting literature, attend meetings that bring you cheer and happiness, hang around people who truly love you and give kindness to people who are in need of it. Go, plant happiness in many hearts and your community.

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