The song of a Shepherd

Tut, tsi, tsii, tuut, tsii

Will you think I was talking to myself?

Haha, not in any way! I call to my sheep that way

So we bond, we use a special code

And when they spread over the grassland

I sit to play my guitar- singing Hallelujah

Quivering fingers, dry in the noon sun,

Taste of dew on my lips, a twig poking from my mouth

Ha… lle… lu… Yah…

Lu… Yah, lu… Yah

Oh, what happy view from the Brook

How happy they peacefully graze

Ha… Lle… Lu… Yah

Lu… Yah, lu… Yah

Will you like to take a look

Of my sheep scattered like a maze?


Night fall

So, retired

Pillow of silk

Open window

Out was a bright moon,

A night to dream

And a wish to good night

Hallelujah, I pray

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