The Travelers Tale

Traveling out of the city to find some solace,

Passing through forests and undulating hills,

And through grasslands and indigenous settlements

To the countryside, where exists true connection,

The ever green forests stretched out with the curvy roads

Guiding the driver, who seemed to be awed by the scenery

Up the skies, hawks scaled the cloudy noon

Scouting, while the sun shone sickly,

From the hill top, the grassy plains come to view

In instalments, the hills background appear before the moving bus

Dark patches separate the harvested fields from fresh wheat

Behind the tree lines of the green forests,

Streaks from the sun, try to escape through tree leaves

But the trees casted a huge shadow after the retreating bus

Calls of the wild rent the airs; disturbed primates,

Monkeys with their young cling to the trees,

Millions of noisy insects and rodents

And curious birds disturbed with the sighing bus

Peer from their hide out

Now towards the end of the journey, the traveler

Had drawn images that will live forever in his mind

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