Muse: By the Waterside

Once by the Waterside I strayed

Minding the car traffic racing about

A bridge led down a couple of stairs

And I happened on the market

A stranger in the midst of strangers

Throwing wares over my face

What a mighty mix of man and ware!

At a corner a heap of decaying fruits and vegetables lay

Smell of rotten tomatoes, chilli and cabbages especially fill the air

Strange, by the heaps side a great number of livestock rummage

Tearing apart the huge dirt that stood majestically on the earth

The smell of cattle or goat urine and blood stench the air

Gathering a flock of birds and the glamorous flies above

Further ahead, smoke rise up to romance the heavens

Scattering at several points were reed on the slow river grow

From the bridge I could see the depths

Of the river, her waters and polluted pain

White crystals rushing on one another

To somewhere we can not account for

And where they turn black with filth

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