Loudest roar

You told me to go ahead and roar

But I must be careful where I roar

Though I am a Lion, I must be careful

The valley’s waters run to meet the hills

Her streams feeding the long distance

Of great wilderness,

Twigs dried on the wet atmosphere

Spread their tentacles and threaten

To hold back any one brave to walk

The dried sands of the desert

The night spent in dreams, dreaming away

With stray trances coming now and then

In the vast opens and African green fields

Sprouts a pain that grows with the setting sun

On the woods floor dried tree leaves crunch

When stepped upon,

Even, the airs, untamed, look about suspiciously

But the night won’t let us roar,

The night won’t let us grow

But it won’t consume us either

So what if,

What if we roared,

What if a root grew,

And pulled all Africa along?

We must roar, aloud

So the whole world may hear

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